Thursday, April 1, 2010


A mentor of mine explained to me this profound ideas some years ago… I think you should consider it.

The 5 philosophies of Life:


1.      Life is Short – Invest It

Some squander it on drugs, smoking, too much sleep, too much TV, etc. Some just spend it. To get the best of life, do not waste time. Do not spend it. Invest it. Invest it in things that will outlast you. Our lives have limit.

2.      Life Is Small – Be Kind

It’s a small world. It has been established several times that you are 5-7 people away from everyone on the planet. Try it-you are 5-7 people away from Barack Obama. Pay close attention to the people you are meeting today, doing business with today, living with today, lording over today. You will most likely still meet again. Please, be kind to them. You never can tell where else you’ll meet.

3.      Life Is Complex – Be Wise

When you want to be successful in every area of your life (and I assume you want to), you’ve got to be wise. It’s not the default. The default is that you succeed in an aspect of life and fail in the other aspects. You need wisdom to deal with the complexities of life. Do you know how to get this wisdom? I know how.

4.      Life Is In Phases – Be Sensitive

If you are using yesterday’s ideas to do business today, you will surely not be in business tomorrow. Be sensitive to things going on around you. Life is in phases and men are in sizes. There was childhood stage,teenage,youth,single,married,father,grandfather,etc. Know the particular phase you are in and be sensitive to know when to make a move.

5.      Life Is Interesting – Enjoy It!

Many people prepare so hard for tomorrow’s rain that they forget to enjoy today’s sunshine. Listen to me folks. Life is interesting. Don’t be too hard or tough on yourself. Enjoy every moment. Celebrate little successes. Take yourself out to lunch. Take that vacation out of the country that you’ve dreamt of. Reward yourself. Pay yourself. Celebrate yourself.


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Enjoy your holiday!!!




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