Saturday, October 27, 2007


The better the players (team), the better the leader (achievement).

Thursday, October 25, 2007

What Great Leaders Do

Great leaders never set themselves above their followers, except in carrying out responsibilities.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Determine To Succeed

The will to succeed is important, but the will to prepare is much more important.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Act Now!

Man who says ‘it cannot be done’ should not interrupt the man who is doing it.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Success Management

If you are doing big things, you attract big men. If you are doing little things, you attract little men. Little men usually cause big trouble.


Team building involves getting the members to feel a sense of ownership in
what they are doing as a group.


“Success is a factor of who you are- the inner you”.

Who you’ll be and where you’ll get to is a factor of what drives you from within. Success in all of life and work is a function of your attitude towards life. Your attitude is a function of what you give to life, and not what life gives to you.
How do you respond to life’s challenges? When life’s situations throw pebbles and junk at you what do you do with them? Your attitude is a function of how you respond to life

I have discovered that top-rated organizations that have led various industries from centuries before and even now have been exceptional in one particular area, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY -taking action is not particular to just one individual. Organizational success is dependent on how members of the organization respond to organizational challenges and how they handle daily affairs.

There’s this story of KPK Investments that had four employees namely: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. Over time, the organization had been seeking and praying for an opportunity to launch out big, and this time, it came.

At the news of the opportunity, Everybody rejoiced and felt the time to enjoy has come. But WORK needed to be done.

Let me mention quickly that the flaw that had plagued the organization all the while is that Nobody ever wanted to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, and this time also, the opportunity for greatness was lost.

WHY?…… is simply because: Everybody thought Somebody would DO what Anybody could have DONE, and Nobody DID.

DO what all you can do to make things work well, we will all enjoy the rewards.

Thursday, October 18, 2007


It is a great waste of life to be successful in the wrong thing or endeavor.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Writing after a very long period of time makes me feel great again – thank God for the little break from work. It is very true that the world of an employee is full of hustle and bustle, which leaves you with little time for other things (especially if you are in the banking sector in a place like Nigeria).

I was on a six-hour journey some days ago and I discovered yet again why the 90/10 rule is still operative. Why is it that 10% of the world’s population control 90% of the world’s wealth, while the remaining 90% grapple for the remaining 10%? Very simple, although wasn’t quite until a few days ago.

It is true that there’ll always be poor people around, and the truth is that they will always be in the majority. Even the Holy Bible says it “there’ll always be the poor amongst you”. I have observed that anywhere there’s a gathering of people, the majority would always be in the lower cadre – there’s always that 90/10 difference.

A lot of people will remain poor for the rest of their lives simply because what they say with their mouths will keep them poor. Every man has to steer the ship of his life by himself; and until you learn to use your tongue to say what you want to see, you cannot get anywhere other than where you are. There’s what is called the ‘self-fulfilling prophecy’. That I will explain to mean that which you have thought and meditated on so much that is now a part of you…it has become a reality in your life. I’ll love to ask you then ‘what are you thinking about that has occupied your mind and all of you? Wealth, promotion, academic success, failures, failed relationships, popularity, prominence, financial freedom, etc? What? I dare you to think about it long enough and you’ll see it become a reality in your life.

I was in the bus traveling with 14 other passengers like me and there were all sorts of topics discussed throughout the length of the journey. But to my amazement, the majority had the mindset that has kept them in poverty for a long time – the mindset of failure. They believed that to be rich is evil. Little wonder they are suffering from acute poverty. They have believed it long enough and have lived it such that it has become a part of them.

The truth is many ‘GREAT’ people will die unfulfilled, never realizing how great they could have been had they changed their reasoning. It’s quite easy to identify an individual who’s going to be successful and one who will not. While the former would always be optimistic in what he does, the latter will be pessimistic. You can always find it in what comes out of their mouth. What they say (what you say) is what they are (what you are) and will continue to be unless there’s a change.

Your life is in your hands, or rather your MOUTH. Say it, See it!