Sunday, January 13, 2008

Personal Management

Success in life is a product of a well-developed personal management attitude. Personal management on the other hand is better achieved by a good Time Management System. The way you use your time determines the results you get out of life.
Whether or not you're managing your time well is determined by the TASKS you embark upon. The importance/non-importance and/or urgency of the tasks you embark upon will determine how well you're managing your time, and thus the results(positive/negative) that you'll get.

Like Brian Tracy said in his book "GOALS", the most important word in determining the value of a particular task or activity is 'consequences'. A task that is valuable and important is a task that has serious consequences for completion or noncompletion. The greater the possible consequences of a task or activity, the more important it is.

A task for which there are few if any consequences is by definition not particularly important. Your aim in personal management, therefore, is to spend more time doing more of those tasks that can have the greatest possible consequences on your life and work.

PAUSE for a moment and think about how you have spent time in the few days this year has given!! How have you fared? However you have;if well, very good, but if not, then, it's never too late to start doing the right thing. START NOW! Plan your day, Plan your life.
Pursue those goals you've set for 2008. Be committed to them, be serious about them, and be disciplined enough to give it all that it requires to achieve every single one of them.

It's a great day. Go and Conquer Your World!

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