Friday, January 4, 2008


This post is meant to stir you up once again to keep aiming at your goal. I was listening to Bishop T.D. Jakes this morning speaking about 'working in a hostile environment', and he said that one of the things that keeps you going even in that hostile work environment is having the mindset that where you are now should not define where you're going.

It is absolutely true that even the whole universe is a hostile environment- you hear of people dying everyday, accidents everywhere, wars, natural disasters, etc, but we still got to live anyway.There is no 'comfort zone' anywhere on earth really; that is why even in the best otganisation, that hostility is still there. Everybody cannot like you no matter how nice or handsome you are. But we still must live and succeed!

One of the attitudes to develop to survive in this hostile environment is to remember that
'where you are is not a definition of where you are going'
.Get the best of where you are now, having the future in mind.You must always keep your mind on the goal. Never let it out of your sight.Never mind what your surrounding or environment is throwing at you; whether pebbles or rocks. Shake them off, and step on them to get higher. Dont let every little thing stop you. You have to move on.

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