Friday, October 19, 2007


“Success is a factor of who you are- the inner you”.

Who you’ll be and where you’ll get to is a factor of what drives you from within. Success in all of life and work is a function of your attitude towards life. Your attitude is a function of what you give to life, and not what life gives to you.
How do you respond to life’s challenges? When life’s situations throw pebbles and junk at you what do you do with them? Your attitude is a function of how you respond to life

I have discovered that top-rated organizations that have led various industries from centuries before and even now have been exceptional in one particular area, COLLECTIVE RESPONSIBILITY -taking action is not particular to just one individual. Organizational success is dependent on how members of the organization respond to organizational challenges and how they handle daily affairs.

There’s this story of KPK Investments that had four employees namely: Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody. Over time, the organization had been seeking and praying for an opportunity to launch out big, and this time, it came.

At the news of the opportunity, Everybody rejoiced and felt the time to enjoy has come. But WORK needed to be done.

Let me mention quickly that the flaw that had plagued the organization all the while is that Nobody ever wanted to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, and this time also, the opportunity for greatness was lost.

WHY?…… is simply because: Everybody thought Somebody would DO what Anybody could have DONE, and Nobody DID.

DO what all you can do to make things work well, we will all enjoy the rewards.

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