Monday, May 21, 2007

Something About Life

Getting started on this actually was to an extent difficult for me, as I thought of what to title it. I guess something will come up before the last sentence.
There’s something about life which I have come to discover, and it’s important we all settle it early enough. It became clearer as I was discussing with a friend of mine yesterday. I decided to write about it when today, another friend of mine mentioned the same issue and we started discussing. What then is it?

I have come to discover a mystery in life – that at a point in life when we lack a particular thing, we long for that thing ceaselessly, we think of what we’ll do with it and always have an urge to enjoy it. But when we eventually get it, especially in a huge measure/quantity, we tend not to know what to do with it again. In no time we exhaust and explore (at least to the best of our limited knowledge) that opportunity.
For example, when one has not started working, he longs so much to find a good job so as to keep busy and earn a living. He desires this so much so that he feels that he can do any type of work. But it’s funny that when he finally gets one, in no time he becomes worn-out and exhausted and he’s looking for something else to do. If she/he is not careful, he will eventually misbehave.

A friend of mine manages a Cyber Café business and he has 24/7 access to the internet. Let me take you back to just one month before now. This same guy had no job and because he loves surfing the net, he invested a minimum of 600 minutes (at # 1/ min) every week in net surfing. Even though his finances were dependent on his brother, he still invested that much in browsing, transportation not included! But today, after just two weeks as the manager of an internet café, he doesn’t know what else to do on the net.
I am sure there have been times in your life when you wished you had more time to yourself. But eventually when you got more spare time, you couldn’t find what to do with it. Can you relate with that?
Even as regards money, you’ve always wanted more, but when it comes, there’s a problem of what to use it for. It happens in all areas of life. You might then be wondering “why does this happen?”. I’ll explain with three points.

We Fail To Plan
It would be surprising to know that 8 out of every 10 persons have no plan for their life (immediate or long term). This is a major reason many people fail even before starting out. A life that has no plan/direction goes anywhere. Like Dr Myles Munroe says, ‘If a man doesn’t know where he is going, any road will take him there’. That is absolutely true. It is better for your plan to fail than for you not to have a plan at all. I’ll rather be a failure at something than a success in nothing (at least I tried!). Those who never try are most likely those who never planned at all. Those who never try always become nothing and are always insignificant.
Planning for every phase of our life is paramount. Since time is the measure of life, then time wastage is life wastage. Don’t waste your life!

We Never Put It On Paper
Another reason for the mystery of life discussed above is: many who plan plan in their head alone. This is wrong and is no different from not planning. Your plans should be written out. This helps you to keep on track and also helps your memory. Remember, the faintest ink is better than the brightest memory, and the shortest pen is better than the tallest brain. It’s that simple!

Purpose Is Yet Unknown
I once heard Dr Myles say “ where the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable”. Abuse is a combination of two words ‘Abnormal Use’. Many of us abuse our lives simply because we do not or have not yet found out why we are here. The question of purpose is an important one. Check for more on purpose. Until we discover the purpose of our existence, we won’t stop living a wasted abnormal life.

Many people who are misbehaving today are doing so because of these reasons. Someone who has never considered these three points before and who recently landed a job that increased his salary from $1000 to $5000 a month would misbehave. Since he never had a (i) WRITTEN (ii) PLAN and he really doesn’t have a (iii) REASON for living, then he must misbehave.
The crux of my post today is that we must prepare adequately for the ‘better days’ which we are expecting. We would be the better for it and the world will remember us generations to come.

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