Thursday, April 5, 2007


(Your Tool To Great Fulfilment)
It is worthwhile to know that every man has a talent inside him. The only clause is that some men never discover theirs till they die (most times in poverty). But it is much more important to know that your talent cannot make you rich! Are you surprised? If talents make rich, then everyone on the earth’s surface should be rich since everyone has a talent.
The truth is that talent that is not developed is as good as unrefined gold which is worthless at that stage. It is only developed and treated talent that can make one rich when sold. This developed (or trained) talent is called SKILL. Men don’t pay to see your talent, they pay to watch you skillfully and beautifully display your talent in such a way that it meets their needs.
“Your earning is dependent on the level of professionalism displayed in the use of your skill” – laoluojed
Joseph had a talent inside him which he discovered early in life and as he grew, he developed his talent as his experiences taught him. Joseph had a way with dreams, and they were no small dreams; no wonder his brothers were angry at him. They hated him with a passion, such that they planned to kill him – thank God they eventually sold him. But Joseph didn’t call a pity party, he moved on. Even while in Potiphar’s house, he was excellent. Little wonder Potiphar gave him charge of everything he had but his wife. Even Mrs. Potiphar that wasn’t under him tried all possible means to put herself under him. That is a result of the display of excellence, skill and expertise by Joseph.
Joseph went a little further in developing his talent such that even while in prison (where he was the chief and most honorable prisoner), he became the dream interpreter. What more can we say to that? I’m sure you’ll have consulted him for interpretation to your dream if you were living in his days. Skill and expertise took Joseph from the prison to the most exalted throne in the whole world in those days.
Never rely on your raw talent (like a lot of people are doing today); there are probably over two billion individuals have it the same way too. Instead, constantly work on your talents to improve them. Make yourself irresistible, and indispensable. Put yourself in a place where you are in high demand. Make yourself a HOT CAKE in the market.
“Your contribution determines your reward; little contribution=little reward, great contribution=great reward” – laoluojed
Remember: Life is too interesting to be lived halfway

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