Friday, April 6, 2007


(Life’s Training Camp)
My view of life and way of doing things changed when I discovered a very important fact & truth about life – “principles don’t change”. This is absolutely true because all that we see and experience in our daily existence hinges on certain principles. For example, there’s the principle of seed & harvest, or sowing & reaping, also called cause & effect by some others. It simply states that without you sowing/planting a seed, no harvest should be expected. When you multiply zero by 100million, the result is still zero. For every effect, there’s always a cause. Principles such as this govern the universe.
Building on the premise above, I make bold to say that in order to emerge strong and victorious from life’s training camp, some periods of tough challenges cannot be bypassed. An army General never becomes one in a day, nor a year; it takes long years of training and testing. He must have gone through both bad and good times and emerge on top. This period of “HARD” training cannot be escaped. Testimonies from various Olympic Champions reveal that they spend two-thirds of their time practicing and training. Most of them would have felt then that their trainers were wicked, but it was for their good. No one has ever won an Olympic medal without sweating. It requires rigorous daily, focused and disciplined exercises.
The period of preparation in life (often appearing as hardship), is as important as the period of actual performance and manifestation. In fact, success during performance is tied to discipline, diligence and dedication (the 3Ds of peak performance) in training. This period is often not an enjoyable one, and many individuals are not patient enough to pass through the training. This is an error. It is the same as saying a child should move from the Primary School stage straight to the College/University, leaving out high school. You’ll agree with me that such a person is headed for failure in a grand style.
Never give up in the face of adversity, hardship or tough times. Robert H. Schuller said “tough times never last but tough people do”. Always view periods of hardship as training periods in Life’s Training Camp. Those who are committed to emerging gold from the camp are always patient enough to go through it. Remember, Generals are not made in a day. Put up the right attitude and heart-ti-tude every time life throws you darts – catch them and make them useful for you. Many people ask “Why Me?” I ask them: who else if not you?
A man’s greatness is measured by the weight of troubles he’s had and has come out victorious. laoluojed
You can write your own story.

Remember: Life is too interesting to be lived halfway

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