Saturday, December 6, 2008

My Birthday Thought!

November 27 is always my birthday. This year's celebration however will remain forever in my memories. You ask why?
I woke up to a brand new morning when my mobile phone rang(like i expected0, and alas! it was none other than my mentor Tope Ogunfayo, who showered a lot of prayers on me.....i really felt loved. Then my dad called and also continued from where the previous caller stopped.such a great way to start a new day.
It was a busy early morning as sms after sms kept coming in....thanks to all those who remembered my birthday. My colleagues at work also kept on singing "birthday boy, happy birthday...etc" Whao!! dont be jealous.
It was about 11.00am that i heard a loud "BANG!", evidently not too far from my office. I thought the "big boys" were know what i mean..working in a bank makes u a prayerful person, asking God always to blind the eyes of robbers to your branch.

It was moments latter that customers in the bank started crying they should be allowed to go out- there was a fire outbreak just nextdoor. A big truck carrying bags of Rice had crashed into the market. Many made efforts to put out the fire before the fire fighters came. They tried, but the deed had been done. Asides the property worth thousands of Naira lost to the fire, not less than nine (9) individuals were caught in the fire, and the resultant electrical cable cut killed them. Such a mishap on my birthday anniversary!

I sat down later to give an account of the day and i came to the conclusion that life is short! Whatever impact i am meant to make must be made right NOW. One of those that died is well known to me. May their departed souls rest in peace.

The Bible has said it;there will always be two sets of people in the world- the rich and the poor, the young and old, the believers and the non believers...etc
My advise today is that you be amongst those that will make impact in the world.

Have a great day!


Footsteps said...

Very true, a consious effort must be made to make posistve impacts on those you meet, just like I also mentioned in "The Maze of Life"

Anonymous said...

Some people will never forget you for whatever impact you made in their lives no matter how small or great,positive or negative.I Chatted with someone just a few days ago,wat he said stuck me,he said"i will nver forget that enconter i had with you because it completely changed my life,thank God for angels in human form,thank God for people like you"....The truth is,i can't even remember evrything i said during our encounter but i am glad that i am considered a blessing.Its very encoraging to me.
People may forget what you look like but they will never forget how you made them feel and what impact you made in their lifes.
Touch a life for good today and you will forever be remembered for it!
God bless u!!!